Friday, March 24, 2017

Our Truck

We've talked about it, and we want to incorporate our truck.  We bought it in Colorado when we lived there, and we're looking at selling it now.  So, we're hoping to remember it by filming it.  Making it the setting of our first music video.  So, we'll detail it, wash it, and fix a few things to make it look it's best.  Maybe we'll begin shooting this week.

First video to work on

The song we're thinking about working on first is "Sing Your People".  Largely because we're all singing on this one, and we have this idea of a video that will require a lot of close up shots.  So, the more people singing - the better.  Also, this is the first worship song that Brad wrote so it may be appropriate for this to be the first video we make.  We'll see.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Oreo discussion

Good times reminiscing about recording

Deep Fat Fried Oreos

When I asked Aubri about her last experience recording in the studio, she recalled leaving the studio for lunch.  Of course...  We went to some sort of Chinese restaurant.  It was really good food.  What we didn't expect was dessert.  We didn't order dessert.  But lo and behold these odd things showed up. We weren't sure what they were at first.  We were served Deep Fat fried Oreos by the owners, for dessert. We didn't order them, we didn't see them on the menu, but they just showed up.   We've had pink peppermint Oreos before, double stuffed Oreos, and even Oreos ala mode. We also had birthday cake Oreos once. But these were nothing compared to this new oreo experience. And because there are thousands of readers of this blog who are very curious about our recording experience, we will describe the Oreos.  Beneath rainbow colored sprinkles atop swirls of whipped cream lay the  surprisingly good tasting yet odd, fried Oreos. As I recall, Andrea was the first to suggest that she might be eating an Oreo, after taking a bite into the unidentified object.. My kids aren't very daring when it comes to food at all, but when it comes to Desert, it's No Holds Barred. Now, Aubri would say that she is fairly daring , although I don't remember, perhaps she was the first to bite into the strange creamy sprinkle covered concoction whatchamacallit.  Okay, now you know about deserts when we were in the studio.  Oh wait. She also remembers making up back up parts with her sisters in the studio. No Doubt, with Oreo breath... my words, definitely not hers. Mike and I really liked the backup vocals they made up. Aubri does admit that Baelina made up most of the backup vocals and she and her sister  Andrea just harmonized with her. This brings us to the end of Aubri contemplating her experience with the studio and of her surprisingly fascinating Oreo desserts.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

keep old plates spinning

For someone who wants to both perform and write, A decent amount of time needs to be spent on both writing new material and practicing the older songs.  When you're working a day job, both of these seem to not get enough attention so it's a constant juggling Act.  How well do you want to perform the old ones? How fast do you want to write new ones? blah blah blah... how bad you want to crawl under your house and fix the sewer pipe? The one right there by that big puddle.  How badly do you want your Plumbing to work? Or, how well?

Monday, January 2, 2017

writing while working

Sometimes my job can be a bit mindless. Painting, mudding, sanding.  they all take my attention, but not much thought.  So, I will typically write songs or vocal melodies during these times. I'll  replay some guitar riffs in my head until I like the structure.  Or, I'll play some prerecorded ideas of a friend... on my phone until I can recall them in my head,  then rebuild the sounds into a structure that I like.  The time certainly flies when you're thinking about music. And hey, you just got paid to arrange a song.

Our Truck

We've talked about it, and we want to incorporate our truck.  We bought it in Colorado when we lived there, and we're looking at sel...